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Margarette Beauclaire

Studio34-031815-20Know what this is?  This is a small section of glass colored rod at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center.   They have a terrific assortment of different kinds of glass  to choose from.    It’s overwhelming, really,  to see their shelves loaded with delicious colors.    As an intermediate flameworker,  this place is like a candy store.   Tools and books and glass,  oh my!

Special summer

As a full time school teacher, I consider it a rare and wonderful opportunity when I can be a student.  I took the summer off to relax, play, go on adventures.   A friend suggested taking a class at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and went with me.

Their range of classes made me dizzy and we hardly knew where to begin.  Our first class was fusing and slumping and we both loved it. Then we did silver metal earrings.   I took another fusing class then we both attended Hot Date Night Lost Your Marbles.

Not one  of these classes can be said to be my favorite because ALL of them are.   Their teachers are well trained and professional.   When we signed up, I was not aware that their class size is very small.  We were delighted to be two of just four students !     In one class, we were the only two students.   According to Marilyn who runs this wonderful studio,  they never cancel classes because of low enrollment.

I am not going to wait until next summer to continue taking classes there.