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Will and Hayden

Dear Marilynne and Maya,
Thank you for the wonderful feedback. Both boys enjoy being at the studio, and they will be back soon. What you have there at Studio 34 is pretty awesome.

Thank you!


Antonio, Trina , Marva, Jose’

What can you do with your family that everyone wants to do?  Two teenagers and a golf addicted husband? Studio 34 !    Our private class set up by Marilyn and taught by her was a “blast” according to both teens.   We blew glass ornaments in the morning session.   The afternoon session was more glass.     We had to come back  next day to get our glass when cooled off.     It really was “cool” according to both teens.   It’s been a challenge to find  a family activity for this group, especially in summer.  But we intend to do it as long as we can.    Thanks Marilyn,  Studio 34 owner,  for making a special experience for us.