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You can contact the studio directly using the form below or call us at (585) 737-5858.

Directions (see map below):

We are located at 34 Elton St., Rochester, NY 14607.  You can find us in the Neighborhood of the Arts,  right off the University Ave ArtWalk.    There is a bus stop shelter with a giant umbrella at the corner of University Ave. and Elton Street.

Parking: Elton Street is a very short street between Atlantic and University Avenue.  As soon as you turn onto Elton, you can park in the lot across the street from our building or in the parking area at the corner of Elton and Atlantic, next to the bakery,  just three minutes from our door.    There is no parking in the  small lot adjacent to our building.

Studio 34 Creative Arts Center is located on the second floor in the tallest of the three brick buildings.

Entrance: The main BLACK door is on the right  side of the building under the awning.   Come up the stairs to the second floor. There is an elevator, but we aren’t completely accessible.  Please call and we’ll show you how to use the elevator the first time. Look for our door with white lights off to your left.


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  1. could you help my sister and me with metal stamping classes?

    • Hello Polly,
      Yes! We offer this class during the summer and fall semesters. I can send you the dates if you’d like. Our summer calendar will be posted next week. THanks

  2. I carved a 90 pound verde antique biomorphic stone sculpture 30 inches long X 36 inches circumference and I want to mount it on (slumped ?) clear glass.

    Can this large glass be created in your studio? Can you teach me how to do it? Is it too ambitious for a begginer?
    Can I hire it done?

  3. Hi Charlie,
    I’m back from Colorado.
    Want to talk more?


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