Euro 4 In 1 Chain Maille

This slinky bracelet that feels like liquid silver on your wrist is the same design the Knights in Shining Armor wore at King Arthur’s round table. A great beginner weave, the Euro 4-1 has many variations that will take you well into intermediate and advanced projects.

Barbara DeYoung,  senior faculty,  is the co-author of Chain Maille and Wire Re-Imagined.

Prerequisite:   none

Studio 34 Instructor: Barbara DeYoung

Level: Beginner

Date: November 14  6:00-8:30 pm


Tuition $35 + Choose Kit: (1) Enamel $30 or (2) Sterling Silver*

Dates :

*Please call the studio when choosing this option.  The sterling silver kit price is based on the daily market rate.




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