Faculty & Visiting Artists

Who we are:

Studio 34 Faculty (past and current)

Melinda Andrus: Senior Instructor and Mentor Emeritus
*Aleana D’Aniello – Enameling and Cloissonne’
Amy Hyser – Jewelry & Seed Bead work, software engineer and web manager
*Barbara DeYoung – Senior faculty: chain maille, wire , seed bead
Barbara Prystaj – Senior faculy : wire, metals, seed bead, macrame, felting
Daniel Porter Stevens – Senior Metalsmith
Dave Davis – Glass Master & Mentor Emeritus
Denise DiGregorio – Wagashi and Fiber Arts
Elizabeth Torgeson Lamark – Digital Photography, studio photography
Maya Postell- Metalsmith
Ginger Black – Glass Artist and Graphic Designer
*Namdoo Kim-  Artist in Residence /Internship  Glass Department
Kelly Letky -Jeweler , Graphic Designer
Risa Tanaka Bardo- Metalsmith
Jamie Marsden – Fusing and Mold Making
Lesley Darling – Senior Instructor, Fiber Arts ( Dances with Wools)
*Liaung Chung Yen – Senior Instructor, Metalsmith
Michelle Arena – Senior Instructor, Stained Glass and Mosaics
Alicia Fink- Senior Instructor, Precious Metal Clay Fine Silver
*Heidi Kester – Precious Metal Clay: silver ,copper      Woodland Wisps
Janice Wiggins- Precious Metal Clay : fine silver
Donna Gentile- Senior Faculty , Precious Metal Clay: silver, bronze, copper
Patty Uttaro – Seed Bead Work & Design
Peggy Zukaitis – Senior Faculty  Flamework
Paul Taylor – Flamework
Marilynne Lipshutz – Senior Faculty :Flamework , Fusing
Jacquie Germanow – Kiln Cast Glass
Meagan Nevil- Metalsmith
Lindsey Arena- Flamework
Marilyn Wizner- Kumihimo
Stephanie Donaldson – Seed bead, pearls
*Molly Colegrove- Senior Instructor : fiber arts, rug hooking, felting       Flickr:  LucyP
Maddie Stewart- Flamework
Dave Park-borosilicate Flamework
*Margery Pearl Gurnett- Glass Department:  fusing, kiln casting, mosaics, stained glass

*Yvonne Fordham- fusing   Free SpiritKiln Fired Glass  (Facebook)

Cameron Campbell- borosilicate flamework
Alyssa Radwick- metalsmith
Tim Colesman – metalsmith
Marianne Dorsey-website
Julie Simancek- senior metalsmith
David Fine- RIT intern: social media

*Terri Parthum- RIT intern: website, professional photographer
Karen Rakoski- chain mail and wire techniques
*LaShannon Hooper- metalsmith

*Linda Connor Cass:  Precious Metal Clay  www.loudeez.com
Dick Bennett-photography
*Dan Reardon- photography

Erik Meeker – glass blowing, flame work

Zachary Taillie- metalsmith

Maddie Stewart-  Flamework

Visiting Artists :

Sihoon Kim-  Internship/Metals Department
KaEun Jang-  Internship/Metals Department
*Miles Parker- Glass Art
Eunmi Han – Internship/Metals Department
Tim McCreight- Metalsmith and Metal Clay
John Kobuki- Flamework
Kristina Logan-Flamework , artist in residence, Corning Museum of Glass
Barbara Becker Simon-Precious Metal Clay, glass artist, metalsmith
Celie Fago-Precious Metal Clay
Tanya Davidson-Precious Metal Clay
Brad Pearson-Flamework
Melanie Moertel-glass artist (Germany)
Patrik Kusek-Precious Metal Clay
Chris Darway-Precious Metal Clay
Claudia Timbur Pagel-glass artist and metalsmith (Germany)
Holly Gage-Precious Metal Clay
Carol Cypher- felting and seed bead
Mary Hettmansberger- metals
Kristen Franzen Orr-glass artist
Milon Townsend-glass artist
Sharon Peters-Flamework
Linda Lawrence- Flamework
Astrid Riedel-glass artist (South Africa)
Heather Trimlett- flamework
Barbara Becker Simon- Precious Metal Clay
Meng Du- Internship/Glass Casting and Fusing
Trey Cornette: Flamework
Eunsuh Choi- Glass Art
JiEun Yoon – Internship/Glass Department
Hyesook Choi- Internship: Pate’ de Verre , glass casting, glass fusing
Alyssa Sedgwick- Metals
*Kim Fields -flamework
*John Ferrando- Fusing and Kiln Casting    HauteFusion.com

Molly Colegrove- sculptural hooking

*faculty marked with an asterisk :  link to website, FB, Flikr Instagram