Get Into Glass : Glass Ornaments for Beginners and Intermediate Artists

Introduction to Flamework Ornaments    and Intermediate Blown Glass  Ornaments

Start your new holiday tradition with uniquely hand crafted hand blown glass ornaments.    For those with no flamework experience,  Introduction is the  place to begin.   Learn how  to melt and shape borosilicate (Pyrex) glass using a high tech torch.   Add color using rod and frit (finely ground glass),  and experiment with shaped rods.    Most students create three or four ornaments during class.   Supply fee for 4 ornaments is $24.   Glass is kiln annealed for long life and may be picked up after class.   Sign up for this class below.

Intermediate glass artists who have torchwork experience   learn to pull  proper points and use them to create blown ornaments.   Color may be added inside or outside using frit or rod.    Supply fee is $26 for up to 4 ornaments.


Introduction to Flamework Ornaments

Prerequisite:  None

Level: Beginner

Studio 34 Faculty:   Marilynne Lipshutz,  Eric Meeker,  Maddie Stewart

Cost:   $45  plus $24 supply fee        $69 total

Date:   November 25    10:00-12:00        available space:  2 students


Dates :

Intermediate Blown Ornaments

Level:  Intermediate

Prerequisite:   Prior  flamework  experience  (sculpture, ornaments, marbles, beads) or permission of the instructor

 Studio 34 Faculty:   Erik Meeker,  Maddie Stewart

Cost:  $55 plus $26  supply fee       $81  total

Date:   rescheduled


Dates :





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