Glass Fusing and Slumping : Advanced Techniques

Mary Catherman

example of July class project

Advanced  Fusing and Slumping is for experienced fusers  who are eager to  explore higher level techniques such as pattern bars, bubble control and variation, etch technique,  cold work, reactive glass, vitrigraph,  and complex composition.  Students determine ramp schedules and program the kiln.      Students bring their own  safety glasses , a box with cover to store projects between classes , and a quality  glass scoring tool.     Tuition includes up to 3 firings.  Glass will be  chosen and purchased at class.

Prerequisite:   Intermediate Fusing and Slumping,  prior kiln work experience, scoring skills, or permission of the instructor.

Level: intermediate /advanced Class Project: Tri color,  Tri Layer Square Bowl or  Platter 

Faculty:Mary Cathryn Catherman

Cost $125 plus glass


watch for our winter calendar




example of July class project









Nancy’s project

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