Hot Spot: DIY Marbles

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This class is part of our  Marbles Series.   Hot Spot Marbles  class offers an opportunity to explore flamework.   Students learn to melt and shape glass by using  several marble making techniques featuring borosilicate (Pyrex)  glass.     Tools  and  borosilicate glass provided.  Most students create up to three collectible marbles.   For ages 14 and up.   (Under age 14 may arrange to learn flamework in  a private class.  Contact the studio for more information for ages 10-14).

Pre-requisite:  No prior glass experience required.   Those with soft glass experience will discover the magic and mystery of borosilicate  glass.

Studio 34 Instructor: Maddie Stewart,  Marilynne Lipshutz,  Eric Meeker


  February 9   6:00-8:00    SOLD OUT

 March 6   6:00-8:00

Level:   Introduction

Cost: $55

Intermediate Marbles: Miles Parker workshop July, 2018

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