Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and Gallery is located in the Neighborhood of the Arts,  an internationally recognized cultural district in Rochester, New York.   The studio offers a great class experience,  fun environment,  and opportunities for adventure and new learning experiences.   The George Eastman Museum is around the corner !

Our public access studios are available to qualified artists.  Private and our newly designed co-share space  includes tools, torches, kilns, bench grinders , sanders and equipment.  For information on bench and torch rental, or co-share model contact the studio.

We are a cooperatively managed creatively blessed blend of  28 local faculty.  Visiting faculty from around the globe regularly offer master classes.

We are purveyors of fine glass for fusing and casting,  flame work,  stained glass and mosaics.  We stock borosilicate  rod, tubing, and frit,  soft glass rod, frit, noodles and stringers,   sheet glass for stained glass,  billets and color for fusing and casting, a huge assortment of dichroic glass in COE 33 , 96 and 104.    Glass may be purchased in bulk or by the piece.     Our scrap bins are full of contemporary and  vintage glass for the discerning glass artist.   Separate scrap bins for stained glass,  mosaics,  and 96 COE fusable./casting.

Open Studio :

  •     Fusing open studio.  Bring or purchase your own glass , eye protection, scoring tool, and create projects.  Enjoy access to tools, kilns and equipment. Kiln space and firing fees based on number of projects or kiln .  No reservations are required, just drop in during one of our scheduled sessions or call to arrange other times.   Open studio is a non teaching time for those who work independently. Firing : $15 /small kiln , $25/ large kiln.       Prerequisite:  Introduction to Glass Fusing and Slumping or equivalent experience.   Cost: $10/ hour
  • Fusing. Supervised open studio:  need a review or help with a project ? Supervised open studio provides assistance with projects learned in class.   Guided studio time offers support but not to learn new techniques (see Private Classes).  Bring your own scoring tool and eye protection.  Cost:$25/ hour,  by appointment.
  •    Flamework Open Torch: Bring or purchase your own glass and protective eyewear.    Choice of 12 different torches including Bethlehem, GTT, Nortel, Carlisle, Wale.   Prerequisite:  Introduction to Flamework , equivalent experience and permission of the studio director.  Please schedule an orientation prior to first open torch session.  Fees: $12/hour soft glass.  $18/borosilicate.
  • 10 hour pre packs discounted.    Always includes kiln annealing.
  •  Torch Test Drive :  choose from 12 different torches to try.   Test drive sessions by appointment.
  •   Cold Shop : Bench grinders, sanders, flat laps,  glass saws for qualified student use.
  •   Stained Glass Open Studio: available at no cost for students enrolled in classes to work on their project between sessions.   Students provide or purchase their own cutting tool and protective eyewear.  Intermediate/advanced students may arrange open studio for guided supervision or consultation for individual projects.    Guided open studio for consultation may be arranged .  Cost for guided supervision/consultation :$25/hour.
  •   Metalsmith Bench may be rented by the hour or longer.  $10/hour basic. 20/hour with soldering.   Prerequisite:  classes or equivalent experience and  permission of the studio director
  •   Precious Metal Clay services : kiln firing,   tools and textures available by appointment and during open studio.   Students who have left over  PMC after class can have their pieces fired at no cost up to 30 days following class.     Otherwise,  there is a kiln charge of $25.

Mentorship and Artist in Residence:  Contact the studio director for application details.

Contact the studio director for more information about open studio opportunities to meet your needs.

Private Classes and Parties:

Traveling to take classes?   Let us know what you want to learn and when.  We will custom design a learning experience for you.   Private class sessions are available days/evenings and weekends including Sunday,   Please give us as much notice as possible.      Home School,  scouts,  team building workshops.  Age appropriate projects for ages 4 to 104.

Traveling to Rochester and want to do open studio?    Give us a head’s up .

Places to visit while in Rochester:

George Eastman,  the father of modern photography, lived just around the corner from  the studio.  Literally !   Really !  It’s a three minute walk from our door.  The International Museum of Photography & Film is located on his estate.  The estate gardens and photography exhibits are a must see while in Rochester whether you are a photographer or not. There are  hands on exhibits suitable for young children.    Year round beauty and inspiration!

The Strong Museum of Play is an  internationally recognized for collections and exhibits that are family oriented.

The Corning Museum of Glass is 1.5 hours away.  Another must visit for glass artists and collectors.

Travel to Studio 34 Creative Arts Center:

Rochester International Airport is a 20 minute drive.

Train and bus stations are 5 minutes away.  Recommended accommodations available upon request.

 Who we are:

Studio 34 Faculty (past and present)

Melinda Andrus: Senior Instructor and Mentor Emeritus
Aleana D’Aniello – Enameling and Cloissonne’
Amy Hyser – Jewelry & Seed Bead work,  software engineer and web manager
Barbara DeYoung – Senior instructor: chain maille, wire , seed bead
Barbara Prystaj – Senior instructor: wire, metals, seed bead, macrame, felting
Daniel Porter Stevens – Senior Metalsmith
Dave Davis – Glass Master & Mentor Emeritus
Denise DiGregorio – Wagashi and Fiber Arts
Elizabeth Torgeson Lamark – Digital Photography, studio photography
Maya Postell- metalsmith
Ginger Black – Glass Artist and Graphic Designer
Namdoo Kim- Advanced Borosilicate Glass Sculpture
Kelly Letky -Jeweler , Graphic Designer
Risa Tanaka Bardo- Metalsmith
Jamie Marsden – Fusing and Mold Making
Lesley Darling – Senior Instructor, Fiber Arts ( Dances with Wools)
Liaung Chung Yen – Senior Instructor, Metalsmith
Michelle Arena – Senior Instructor, Stained Glass and Mosaics
Alicia Fink- Senior Instructor, Precious Metal Clay Fine Silver
Heidi Kester – Precious Metal Clay:  silver ,copper    Woodland Wisps
Janice Wiggins- Precious Metal Clay : fine silver
Donna Gentile- Senior Instructor, Precious Metal Clay: silver, bronze, copper
Patty Uttaro –  Seed Beadwork & Design
Peggy Zukaitis – Senior Flamework
Paul Taylor – Flamework
Marilynne Lipshutz – Senior Flamework , Fusing
Jacquie Germanow – Kiln Cast Glass
Meagan Nevil- Metalsmith
Lindsey Arena- Flamework
Marilyn Wizner- Kumihimo
Stephanie Donaldson – Seed bead, pearls
Molly Colegrove- fiber arts, rug hooking, felting
Mary Catherman- Senior instructor, fusing
Maddie Stewart-  flamework
Dave Park-borosilicate flamework
Margery Pearl Gurnett- fusing and kiln casting
Marilynne Lipshutz- flamework, metal clays, fusing
Cameron Campbell- borosilicate flamework
Alyssa Radwick- metalsmith
Tim Colesman – metalsmith
Marianne Dorsey-website
Julie Simancek- senior metalsmith
David Fine-  RIT intern: social media
Terri Parthum-  RIT intern: website, professional photographer

Karen Rakoski- chain mail and wire techniques
LaShannon Hooper- metalsmith
Dick Bennett-photography

Dan Reardon- photography


Visiting Artists since 2001:

Sihoon Kim- Metalsmith

Namdoo Kim- Glass Art

Miles Parker-  Glass Art

Eunmi  Han – Metalsmith

Tim McCreight- Metalsmith and Metal Clay

John Kobuki- glass artist

Kristina Logan-glass artist,  artist in residence,  Corning Museum of Glass

Barbara Becker Simon-Precious Metal Clay, glass artist, metalsmith

Celie Fago-Precious Metal Clay

Tanya Davidson-Precious Metal Clay

Brad Pearson-glass artist

Melanie Moertel-glass artist  (Germany)

Patrik Kusek-Precious Metal Clay

Chris Darway-Precious Metal Clay

Claudia Timbur Pagel-glass artist and metalsmith   (Germany)

Holly Gage-Precious Metal Clay

Carol Cypher- felting and seed bead

Mary Hettmansberger- metals

Kristen Franzen Orr-glass artist

Milon Townsend-glass artist

Sharon Peters-Flamework

Linda Lawrence- Flamework

Astrid Riedel-glass artist  (South Africa)

Heather Trimlett- flamework

Barbara Becker Simon- Precious Metal Clay

Meng Du- Glass Casting and Fusing

Trey Cornette:   Flamework

Eunsuh Choi- Glass Art

JiEun Yoon –  Glass Art

Hyesook  Choi- Pate’ de Verre , glass casting,  glass fusing

Alyssa Sedgwick-  Metals

Kim Fields -flamework   Ma7 2017

John Ferrando- fusing , March 2017

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  1. Hi Marilyn – we just spoke on the phone and discussed my piggy-backing onto a class with the guy who wants to finish his project before the end of June – I would be very interested in knowing what days/times he had in mind and hope I can work his schedule into mine! My cell # is 261-6615.
    Thanks very much –

  2. Marilynne, I’m interested in learning more about the Art of Outdoor Garden Mosaic class. I didn’t see any description or pictures of the class. It looks like it’s a 3 session class. It seems to be at random times of the day/week. I’m also interested in what the class costs.

    Also, wondering what the cost is of the March 11 silver and gemstone class.

    • Hello Michele,
      If you go to our home page, click on images of the techniques you are interested in. It will take you to the course description page including project photos, cost, dates, registration.
      Mosaics is a three week class. Not sure what you meant by “random”.

  3. I’m wondering if the time for the first Art of the Garden Mosaics class on May 8 is correct. The class is only an hour (the other two classes are 3 hours each). Also that class starts at 3pm where the other classes start at 6pm. Wondering if the time and duration for that first class are correct.

  4. When are you updating class schedules? I see most only go to March.

    • Hi Kim,
      we are adding classes to April and May schedules. Summer calendar will be posted next month.
      Are you interested in a particular technique?

  5. Hi, I am trying to sign up for the May 26th Sea Creature Couples class. I can’t seem to register for this one yet. Our anniversary is then so we wanted to plan this as our Date night. Could you let me know when or exactly how to register.

    Thank you!

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