Introduction to the Fine Art of Pate’ de Verre

Pate’ de Verre  (“paste of glass”) is an ancient process for creating glass sculpture. This  one session intro workshop is for beginners and glass artists who want to look at glass from the other side.

Description:  This class explores the opposite end of the spectrum of the materiality of glass:  coarseness, matte appearance, and a lack of polish.   Students work with paper origami to learn how to transform origami into a pate de verre piece with thin walls.    First project is assembled and is complete in one kiln firing.   Tuition includes all materials for one project.

Students interested in structure, sculpture, vessels,  and other projects should register for the comprehensive Pate de Verre workshop during the  winter semester.   Private classes are also available.   Maximum class size: 6 students.


Meng Du, visiting artist

Hyesook_Choi_pate de verre Hyesook_Choi_pate de verre2

Level:  Beginner and glass artists interested in a different glass art form

Prerequisite:  none

Instructor:    Hyesook Choi, visiting artist

Tuition: $75


January 14   10:00-12:00     SOLD OUT

April 22         10:00-12:30


Dates :

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