Kim Fields ! Master Class Glass Flamework

Kim Fields,  visiting artist,  two workshops in May, 2017.    Kim’s workshops are designed for intermediate and advanced level students.    Please contact the studio for more information and to register.   There will be no on line registration for these workshops.

Beginner students,  glass collectors,  and visitors are welcome to observe during open observation times.    Observation times will be posted on our website calendar.    Due to limited observation space, please reserve a spot in advance.

Two workshops:    Butterflies (one day)  and Birds (2 days).


May  19  Butterflies    tuition:  $250                   available:  1 spot

May 20 and 21   Birds   tuition:  $450               

Package:  Butterflies and Birds :  $650

Contact the studio to register.   Intermediate/advanced please.

  • pending instructor’s permission,  an observer may attend and observe class for half tuition.   Observer brings their tools and supplies in case  a student cancels or can’t attend last minute.  Observers have the option to pay the remaining balance of tuition and join the class or remain observer at half tuition.   Observer must reserve and pay for their spot no later than 30 days before class date.

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