Metalsmith Techniques: Riveting

Ready to kick it up a notch?   Already making metal jewelry and want to add new techniques to your tool box?    Our riveting workshop offers the jewelry artists options for fixed and moveable connections.  In this mini techniques workshop  learn how to create metal connections without using a torch. Practice up to five kinds of rivets: standard rivet, tube rivet, spaced rivet, flush rivet, and swing rivet.  If you already have a riveting hammer, bring it with you to class, if you don’t, one will be provided during class.   Three hour intensive hands on class includes copper/bronze.   Sterling available for purchase .

Prerequisite: none

Studio 34 Instructor: Zach Taillie,  Shannon Hooper

Level: Beginner and All levels

Date:   call to request

Cost: $99

month day, 2015 – #:00-#:00


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