Metalsmith Techniques: Fundamentals of Soldering

IMG_9439IMG_1241Using an oxygen and propane  torch,  students learn to connect metals in a process called soldering.

Learn the difference between brazing, soldering, fusing,  hard, medium and soft solder .    Practice using base metals to create simple bezels,  join pieces and soldered jump rings.   Students will have taken a basics class or have equivalent experience with metals hand tools.   Techniques class with lots of hands on practice.

Sterling silver is available for purchase from the instructor.

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Metalsmith Basics,  equivalent experience, or permission of the instructor.

Studio 34 Faculty:  staff

Level: Intermediate

Cost: $99


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  1. actually this is the class i would like to take…could you notify me of any upcoming classes…i was registered for it last summer but it got rescheduled and didn’t work out for me….
    Metalsmith Techniques: Fundamentals of Soldering

    • Hi Patty,
      Yes, we have soldering workshops this summer. Have you taken Metalsmith Basics or have prior metals experience? Our soldering workshops require knowledge of basic metals techniques. Thanks! Marilynne

      • Marilynne…i have worked with metal in the past…long ago… used a jewelers saw…cast, even soldered etc…what else exactly might i need to know
        I was registered for this class last summer but the date was changed and i couldn’t make it . I had spoken with you and at that time you felt i would be okay for this class….. but i don’t want to hinder anyone
        let me know any particulars and I’ll go from there

        • I think an intro class would be helpful as a review. Soldering is an intermediate level class for those with basic hand skills already. It depends on where you want to go with your metalwork. The two hour Intro to Metalsmith Basics combined with etching is really a review for those who have some metals experience and just need a tune up. The total class time is 5 hours.
          There are options for those who want more extensive experience with metals. Three hour intro and five hour intro (without etching).
          Please contact me via email for more information.

  2. Hello Patty,
    When did you phone the studio? Did you leave a phone number?

    • Hi Patty,
      I am so sorry about the delay in returning your call.
      The studio is closed this month while a visiting artist from South Africa is teaching 8 master classes.
      Classes resume in August.
      I will send the schedule of metalsmithing classes.
      There is a new class we are offering on Thursday, July 30. This new class combines Introduction to metalsmith and etching.
      Metals classes are limited to three students. There is still room as of this morning.
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

  3. Thanks so much for getting back to me !!
    a few more questions…which metalsmith classes will be listed on July 30th….. and also any chance Jewelry and Metals Techniques: Introduction to Soldering might be coming onto the calendar…..
    IF neither of those classes are available…i would probably register for the August 13th into to Jewelry and Metals class

    • Hi Patty,
      Here’s what is happening on July 30.
      It’s metal etching. The student who has signed up already knows the class requires a basic knowledge of hand tools. She took this years ago but wants a refresher. So before learning to etch, we are offering Introduction to Metalsmith Basics and Etching class combined. This is a total 5 hour workshop.
      Does this sound interesting to you?

      • Can you reply directly to email? You’ll get a quicker response.
        Thank you!

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