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Beads by me

Marilyn is a great teacher.   I have to admit,  I was afraid of fire and was ready to change my mind up to the moment I walked in there.   After a short lecture about safety,  she showed us how to light our torches.  Marilyn offered to light the torch for me,  but explained it’s easy to do and students need to know how to adjust them.     I like her voice.   She’s calm and  talks a little too softly.     This was more fun than I expected it to be.


Keith Abbott

My office had a party at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center.   As you can see from the fused pieces,   we are not a serious bunch.   We learned how to cut glass and assemble these pieces before they went into the kiln to be melted.   This was more fun than it sounds.     I hope the  boss lady  sees  this and takes us there again.    🙂