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Tariq Samir

My daughter and I  wanted to do something together.  She’s 14.  It is hard to find something new and different.   Our first fusing class resulted in both of us making two projects that turned out “wild” (according to my daughter).     Teachers here are interested in the learning of the students.

Broward Family

We live in   Virginia.   Our daughter wanted to visit University of Rochester before applying, so we took the opportunity to do a family trip to a city we’ve never been to.      After calling Marylyn who owns Studio 34 Creative Arts Center,   we planned our activities.   She offered age appropriate suggestions such as  Strong Museum and The Eastman Museum.       This lovely person took time to share her lifelong Rochester experiences with us.    Our family visited just those two places and were not disappointed.   We didn’t get to meet Marylyn during  this visit,  but we plan to take a class at her studio next time.