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Jerry Mark Atwell

photo 2-3
Okay.  So  I took this pic because I  thought it was neat, especially  when she said it’s glass.   Now I want to learn how.  I’m a beginner and I’m hooked on melting glass at this place.  They do it all here.  The class I just took is called Flame and Fusion.   It’s more than fun.

It’s SERIOUS FUN, like they say.

Margarette Beauclaire

Studio34-031815-20Know what this is?  This is a small section of glass colored rod at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center.   They have a terrific assortment of different kinds of glass  to choose from.    It’s overwhelming, really,  to see their shelves loaded with delicious colors.    As an intermediate flameworker,  this place is like a candy store.   Tools and books and glass,  oh my!