Soldering 101

Do you want to securely attach findings to your metalwork , solder joins,  laminate metals, create bezels,  keep jump rings from pulling open? You can by taking your jewelry design skills one step further with soldering. This is a techniques workshop that will help familiarize you with a jeweler’s torch and the techniques of soldering. Learn about different types of solder ( soft, medium, hard) and their uses.    Base metals and solder included.    Sterling silver available for purchase.      Soldering 101 is for metal jewelry artists with limited or no prior soldering experience.    Artists with soldering experience looking to improve their skills should register for  Soldering Boot Camp.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Metalsmith Basics Class or permission of the instructor

Studio 34 Instructor:  Shannon Hooper, Liaung Chung Yen , Zac Tallie,

Level: Intermediate


  March 17  10:00-1:00   Available space:  SOLD OUT

Cost: $99

Dates :

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  1. Is the 11/18 soldering class still on and are there any spaces available?

    • Hello Michelle, We are postponing Soldering 101. I will post the new dates and also email you. Thank you!

      • Hello Michelle,
        The next soldering class is in February.

  2. Hi! Just wondering if there is a class scheduled for January or February?

    • Hi Jen!
      Yes, the next class is in February. I will send you details via email or you can check our website description page which has details and registration info.

  3. Will another Soldering 101 be scheduled in the next few months?

    • Hello Victoria,
      We are firming up metalsmith class dates. Soldering will be available next month and again in the summer.

      Thank you!

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