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Sharon Sortello

Our instructor made us feel calm and relaxed while we played with fire in our first flamework class.    Kudos to Lindsey for her patience.   They advertise Serious Fun and it really  was.

Keith Abbott

My office had a party at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center.   As you can see from the fused pieces,   we are not a serious bunch.   We learned how to cut glass and assemble these pieces before they went into the kiln to be melted.   This was more fun than it sounds.     I hope the  boss lady  sees  this and takes us there again.    🙂

Jerry Mark Atwell

photo 2-3
Okay.  So  I took this pic because I  thought it was neat, especially  when she said it’s glass.   Now I want to learn how.  I’m a beginner and I’m hooked on melting glass at this place.  They do it all here.  The class I just took is called Flame and Fusion.   It’s more than fun.

It’s SERIOUS FUN, like they say.

Margarette Beauclaire

Studio34-031815-20Know what this is?  This is a small section of glass colored rod at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center.   They have a terrific assortment of different kinds of glass  to choose from.    It’s overwhelming, really,  to see their shelves loaded with delicious colors.    As an intermediate flameworker,  this place is like a candy store.   Tools and books and glass,  oh my!

Journ Affault

Vacationing in Rochester looking for something unusual.  Found the proverbial jackpot at this place.  They customized two classes with little notice.   The whole family had fun,  learned something new,  and left with some pretty interesting ideas for more projects at home.

This was a gift we gave ourselves.  We’re thinking of next year’s visit already.


Jan and Ron Somers

There are things we love to do and learning has always been at the top of our bucket list.    We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into when we signed up for Hot Glass date night .   Just thought we’d try something we’d never done before . This is the ultimate date night experience.   The advertisement said small class size and it sure was!   Two couples !  We  had the time of our lives.   Thank you Marilyn.   You have a very nice studio.

Tariq Samir

My daughter and I  wanted to do something together.  She’s 14.  It is hard to find something new and different.   Our first fusing class resulted in both of us making two projects that turned out “wild” (according to my daughter).     Teachers here are interested in the learning of the students.

Barbara and Tom Wentworth

IMG_3248We took Intro to Stained Glass with Michelle,  not our first time taking this class,  just first time with Michelle.   With just 4 students to a class,  we finally learned how and now we love it.   Michelle is patient and she’s a really good teacher.    We have more projects we want to do.   Does the Studio have supervision time for people who might need some pointers?

Jef Marsh

Date Night was nothing like we expected.    Last time we did a date night art event with 14 couples,   this was 2 couples including me and my girlfriend.    We thought no one else signed up or maybe it was the weather because it was only 4 people.   But they said this is their policy for small classes.     We both liked the way the teacher was interested in both teaching and making sure we had fun.

Ted and Mindy

Husband wanted to do something different for our first night  out since the new baby in December.  A co worker said he’d been to this place and we went on his recommend.  Our first time we made glass marbles and little sculptures.    We already signed up for the metalsmith rings class and want to bring another couple with us.   Most of their classes are pretty small.   This gem  is Rochester’s best kept secret.

Rick Stewart and Morgan Avery

Having no idea what we were doing,  we decided to try their Hot Date Night.   The experience was not what we were expecting.  This was more than you’d expect if you knew what to expect!  It was just us and one other couple!  It was like a private class for just the 4 of us.

Will and Hayden

Dear Marilynne and Maya,
Thank you for the wonderful feedback. Both boys enjoy being at the studio, and they will be back soon. What you have there at Studio 34 is pretty awesome.

Thank you!


I’m a Hooker! Rug hooking.

Thank you Studio 34 for bringing Molly Colegrove.     I watched my grandma make hooked rugs and  I’ve wanted to learn the technique.   Molly teaches a “painterly approach” to rug hooking.    Please please do an advanced class.  I want to incorporate different materials and textures now .


Beads by me

Marilyn is a great teacher.   I have to admit,  I was afraid of fire and was ready to change my mind up to the moment I walked in there.   After a short lecture about safety,  she showed us how to light our torches.  Marilyn offered to light the torch for me,  but explained it’s easy to do and students need to know how to adjust them.     I like her voice.   She’s calm and  talks a little too softly.     This was more fun than I expected it to be.


Special summer

As a full time school teacher, I consider it a rare and wonderful opportunity when I can be a student.  I took the summer off to relax, play, go on adventures.   A friend suggested taking a class at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and went with me.

Their range of classes made me dizzy and we hardly knew where to begin.  Our first class was fusing and slumping and we both loved it. Then we did silver metal earrings.   I took another fusing class then we both attended Hot Date Night Lost Your Marbles.

Not one  of these classes can be said to be my favorite because ALL of them are.   Their teachers are well trained and professional.   When we signed up, I was not aware that their class size is very small.  We were delighted to be two of just four students !     In one class, we were the only two students.   According to Marilyn who runs this wonderful studio,  they never cancel classes because of low enrollment.

I am not going to wait until next summer to continue taking classes there.


Just took my 10th class!   Thanks for the encouragement to step out of my comfort zone.  I love melting glass but your metalsmith teachers are tempting me to do more.   The only thing wrong about this place is the fact that they have too much to choose from.

Sandy and Kip

Cool place.

The Shindling Family

What do you do when the family is visiting?  We wanted to try something different and were surprised to learn that Studio34 would customize a class for us.     Because we were visiting Rochester for Thanksgiving,   some of us were only in Rochester for 4 days.   With little more than a day’s notice,  they put together an experience my family will want to do again next time.

The staff are pretty great to work with.  Marilyn suggested we try glass fusing since our ages ranged from 7 to 39.

We’re back in Rochester in February.  We’re already talking about our next learning experience.

Thank you,  Studio 34 staff,  for so much fun in this amazing environment.


Candice Forman

I’d been looking for something unique for a summer  family outing and found Studio 34 Art Center in Rochester, New York.   Our experience could not have been better.    The studio director suggested different options and she was easy to talk to.  She even sent pictures so we could decide what to learn.   Wish there was a place like this closer to home,  but the travel was worth it.

Candi Forman    Alexandria, Virginia


Glass Rods

Renee’ and Josh

Studio 34 Art Center is an extraordinary place in Rochester, New York.  Summer, 2017  we decided on a summer staycation within 50 miles from our home in Buffalo.   We researched and found Studio 34 which was 60 miles from home.   Glad we expanded our boundary our boundary.  For beginners with little, experience,  these teachers are patient and instilled confidence.  We planned to take one class and ended up signing up  for three more.

Studio 34 is one of Rochester’s 10 best places to learn, and it’s  well deserved .   The owner,  Marilyn,  leads this group of creative artists who know how to teach.    Thank you,  Studio 34,  for making our summer vacation creative and adventurous.   We won’t wait until next summer to return for more classes.

Antonio, Trina , Marva, Jose’

What can you do with your family that everyone wants to do?  Two teenagers and a golf addicted husband? Studio 34 !    Our private class set up by Marilyn and taught by her was a “blast” according to both teens.   We blew glass ornaments in the morning session.   The afternoon session was more glass.     We had to come back  next day to get our glass when cooled off.     It really was “cool” according to both teens.   It’s been a challenge to find  a family activity for this group, especially in summer.  But we intend to do it as long as we can.    Thanks Marilyn,  Studio 34 owner,  for making a special experience for us.




What a creative place!  We were looking  for a different date  night experience and  signed up for their Hot Date Night.   Studio 34 was voted one of Rochester’s best places to learn,  and its easy to see why.     We were one of just two couples in Erik’s class that night,  their maximum number .   Small class size is what they advertise and it makes for a special experience.   Fun fun fun.  Thank you,  Erik!


This was not what I expected.  It was way more.

Molly and Pete

Date Night fusing  was a hoot.   We were totally psyched when we arrived to find out this was going to be just us and one other couple.  It was fun  and very personal.   We  learned how to do that thing with glass where it transforms and is beautiful.   Thanks!  We all agreed it was a great experience and we want to do it again.

Broward Family

We live in   Virginia.   Our daughter wanted to visit University of Rochester before applying, so we took the opportunity to do a family trip to a city we’ve never been to.      After calling Marylyn who owns Studio 34 Creative Arts Center,   we planned our activities.   She offered age appropriate suggestions such as  Strong Museum and The Eastman Museum.       This lovely person took time to share her lifelong Rochester experiences with us.    Our family visited just those two places and were not disappointed.   We didn’t get to meet Marylyn during  this visit,  but we plan to take a class at her studio next time.