Chain Maille : Helm

Helm is one of the most popular beginner chain maille  techniques.    It can be twisted and made round for a stunning necklace.  Alternating colors creates an entirely different look.   Using “aspect ratio” learn what sizes work with which patterns.     This technique is adaptable and fun to do.   Most students finish during class.

Prerequisite:  none

Studio 34 Instructor: Barbara DeYoung,  co-author of Chain Maille and Wire Re-Imagined.

Level: Beginner



Cost: $35 + Choose Kit: (1) Enamel $30 or (2) Silver*

Dates :

*Please call the studio when choosing this option.  The sterling silver kit price is based on the daily market rate.  Order sterling at least three days in advance of class please.

       Helm and Byzantine variation

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